Insurance Accident Repairs at Anglia Refinishing Services in Cromer

Its your vehicle and its your right to choose who carries out your repairs

Some facts you should know

  • You choose who repairs your car NOT your insurance company
  • You only have to provide one estimation for the Accident Repairs. Don't let your insurance company have you running round wasting your time getting 2 or 3 estimates
  • All our work is fully guaranteed
  • The quality of our work is as good if not better than some of the body-shops that are recommended to you by your insurance company
  • We are members of the RMI/NAB, and as such, we have to adhere to high standards in all repairs and refinishing. We also supply a FREE courtesy vehicle
  • We are small and friendly and will give you a personal service
  • The people you speak to at our body-centre are the people that will repair your vehicle and so will have all the expert information and knowledge you need, giving you a personal service - something you most certainly wont get at the larger body centres

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Anglia Refinishing Services
Unit 6
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Holt Road Cromer
NR27 9JW

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