Dent Removal at Anglia Refinishing Services in Cromer

Has your vehicle sustained some nasty little dents that spoil the look of your vehicle? Bring it to Anglia Refinishing Services - the body centre in Cromer - and we will remove all minor dents in bodywork and restore your car or van to its former glory.

Other drivers opening car doors onto yours, or shopping trolleys loaded with merchandise are two of the most common reasons that such an event to occur. Even though a dent in a car panel is usually caused by the most trivial of reasons, given the lightness of modern metal alloys today sadly they do leave a deep impression.

Whatever the cause - it does leave your car looking slightly less attractive than when you set out. And the financial impact on the future resale value of your vehicle is not light.

For all dent removal call us today use the click to call or the free phone number above alternatively use the contact form and will get back to you as soon as we can.


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